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Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

Every restaurant and food business owner knows only too well how important good commercial refrigeration is for their business. With almost 75% of the food we eat from restaurants being produced, packed, ship, stored and preserved via commercial refrigeration, it is imperative that we use equipment that doesn’t allow food to spoil easily and not be suitable for human consumption.

Which is why if you are just new in the food business, you need to realize how important it is for you to be able to get the best commercial refrigerators if you are to succeed in business and gain a loyal customer following. Good cold storage facilities allow you to prepare food safely as well as help you maintain its integrity. As such, you need to understand everything there is to understand about commercial refrigeration as well as the types that are commonly available in the market so you can get a good idea of what will work for your business best.

First off, commercial refrigeration is used by various industries like flower shops and hospitals for example. However, they are more commonly found in the food industry and being one of the largest industries in the world, there are various needs and uses that come up as far as cold storage is concerned. In this article, we will be talking about commercial refrigerators that are free-standing units used to provide cold storage to commercial establishments and dining facilities so here are the types of commercial refrigeration and their best uses:

Reach in Refrigerators and Freezers

These are upright units that are perfect for back-of-the-house operations. They come in solid and glass door variations, as well as full-length or Dutch style double half doors. They are equipped with multiple sections and their capacity is measured by cubic feet. lap dat kho lanh

Walk-in Refrigerators

If you operate a large restaurant, chances are you tend to store items by the bulk. These units allow for multi-shelving options for maximum organization and are great for storing bulk or boxed items like wines or juices. Some come equipped with their own floors and some need to be installed on existing floors.

Prep Tables

You can commonly see this type of unit in restaurants that have pizzas, sandwiches or salads as main staples in their menu. They are designed for use in the cook line or prep areas in commercial kitchens. They are equipped with cold storage wells that keep ingredients cold and fresh, as well as drawers that keep sauces, dressings and dips fresh. These units are usually 36 inches high and have worktables on top for quick food prep.

Underbar Fridges

These units function like upright storage fridges except that they are shorter. They are typically stored in smaller spaces within a commercial kitchen and store only a few ingredients that are on a as-needed basis. They are best used in bars and clubs and wherever blended drinks and cocktails are constantly served.

Glass Door Commercial Fridges

These are also referred to as display refrigerators and are designed to display merchandise. They are best for selling products that have short shelf life and are best used in grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants that have take-out service.

Remember, when selecting the best commercial refrigerators for your business, always consider the size as one too large can result in astronomical electric bills and one too small can compromise the quality of your food. Also, never think that you can use a residential refrigerator to save money because not only are they weaker and less reliable, you will also be violating safety codes that could cause your business to close down.


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