Types of Home Additions And Their Common Features

With the advancement in science and technology, builders and construction contractors are now very confident about their services and can ensure you that the desired results are achievable. Yes, this means that you can think about living in an extended space within the same area as a matter of fact that the home additions  would be delivered in such a way that only the living space stretches beyond and not your budget and so on. These construction contractors can be relied upon for different of home additions  and some of them have been discussed here.

Main Floor/First-Floor Room Additions

Regarding main floor or first floor home additions , experts say that if you have a sufficient amount of yard space, you can think about increasing the houses footprints and for this, you can –
Add a second master suite
Build out a media centre or entertainment space
Create a sizeable, functional mudroom, laundry center, or another bathroom
Build another home office that acts as a guest room
Create an additional playroom or game centre
Build a home gym for yourself
For this kind of construction, the first thing required would be a domestic excavator to dig up the yard where the addition would sit.
They will then, construct a new foundation, a new wall and a roof to the addition and then, the team will link up the new and old space.
They will make sure that the new construction blends seamlessly with the existing architecture to look like a part of the home.
Next up, they will make sure that whatever design you have chosen is blended in a perfect manner and that all the specifications related to design and architecture are met entirely.
Bump Out

Another very popular option in terms of home extensions  and home additions  is called “bump out” and it is an ideal pick, if you are not fully confident about a full main floor addition.
In case, you are not aware, a “bump out” is merely an expansion of the existing room and it can add a modest amount of space, but will leave an impact for sure.
A bump out can allow you to:
Add a bigger seating area in your kitchen or expand the kitchen
Turn a small powder room into a full-size bathroom complete with a shower and larger vanity
Turn a modest bedroom into a more substantial master suite
Expand a cramped laundry room to include a new pet grooming station and storage
Second Storey Addition

Building upward is an option in case; the home’s plot size is not too big and also not conducive to expand.
In such situation, the home additions  builders will give you the option of getting second storey construction done, but before accepting, you need to understand that it is an expensive and a complex option.
According to the experts of home extensions, this can be a functional and practical solution to obtain the larger home you want.
Lastly, not to mention the time that you will have to invest in getting home extensions built as per your specifications.

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