Traditional Scottish Whiskey – A Souvenir With History and Taste

Traditional Scots Whiskey is made in Scotland. This is a fantastic way to bring home a traditional souvenir and find enjoyment in it. This beverage has been made for hundreds of years. Even the Ancient Celts worked on distilling and it first started off as the uisge beatha which translates to “water of life”. This eventually evolved into what is now known as Scotch Whiskey. There are quite a few of different types but we will cover single grain, vatted/blended malt, and blended. Traditional single grain whiskey is a rare and fantastic find. There are only seven known distilleries that make grain whiskey in the homeland. The vatted/blended malt whiskey is often times called pure malt. It is also less common. There are no grain whiskeys in this type of whiskey. There has been a change in how these whiskeys are labelled. 강남풀싸롱

Blended whiskey is the most popular whiskey. In fact, it accounts for over ninety percent of the whiskey that is produced in Scotland. Blended whiskey had been created for those that thought the single grain to be way too harsh. There are many blends out there that are made for particular companies. These different types of whiskeys are made different ways. Malt Whiskey is made with only one grain–which is barley—and distilled in pot stills. The barley must be malted by steeping it in water. They then have to allow for it to get to germination. Traditionally done the malting actually releases important enzymes that allow for the break down of starches turning them into sugar. After this is complete the barley is then dried. It is dried by using smoke and sometimes will even add peat to the fire for a more “earthy” flavouring.

Traditional whiskeys are great even just for people that aren’t drinking. The bottles that they come in are very much the best in design and it would be really great to keep on a mantel of some sort. After all of this there is the point where the makers will mash and then ferment the ingredients. The malt is turned into what is named “grist”. They mix it with very hot water in a mash tun. The grist then steeps and this is what is called mashing. After all of that they then distill the content. This ups the percentage of alcohol and takes out the impurities. This traditional beverage ends up being ready after the process of maturation and is ready to sell.


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