Top 5 Ways to Save When Buying Drinks for Weddings

As a Suffolk wedding photographer, I am often approached for tips and I do try to share these within my blog, so here are some money saving ideas for you…

At some Suffolk weddings I’ve photographed, couples have been really thrifty and clever regarding their selection of bubbly and have made a really good saving as a result. The cost of alcohol at weddings can really mount up but here are some ideas that I’ve seen at some of the Suffolk weddings I photographed:

1) Buy in Bulk

Often wine merchants and even supermarkets are prepared to do bulk buying deals – always see if you can chat to the manager and see if there are any deals to be done. There’s a good wine merchant in Bury St Edmunds – namely Thos Peatling – who I am regularly told by those organising Suffolk weddings, is a very helpful supplier. Other Suffolk couples simply say that they managed to do really well by buying in bulk on a supermarket ‘buy one, get one free’ type deal…

2) Buy Local

Suffolk is rich in so many ways with some fabulous suppliers and buying local has brought savings for some of the Suffolk brides and grooms I’ve worked with. For wine, Wyken Vineyards is a native Suffolk supplier that might be able to provide a good deal and the county has also got some very well known suppliers of ale!

3) Go French

There is always the cross Channel booze cruise. I have heard mixed reports about the savings achieved with this approach – it seems to depend on a number of factors including, for instance, the exchange rate. Nevertheless, many Suffolk stags together with parties of soon-to-be best men, ushers, fathers-of-the-bride and fathers-in-law seem to thoroughly enjoy the trip to France and the sense of adventure created by the whole “mission”! visit:-

4) Swap Champagne for Cava or Prosecco

This is one of the most widely employed money saving devices employed by most people organising a Suffolk wedding – you really don’t have to serve champagne, there are some great choices of prosecco (the Italian answer to champagne), which taste great. Cava (a sparkling wine) also adds the fizz without the price tag. Both prosecco and cava cost far less than champagne so it’s worth exploring and I am told that some pre-wedding tasting sessions can be most enjoyable!

5) Bucks Fizz and Belini Cocktails

Another way to make the sparkly go round more easily is to serve cocktails – these can be lovely and refreshing and are also better for drivers too. For bucks fizz, mix your bubbly with orange juice; for belini – a Venetian cocktail served on St Mark’s Square – replace the OJ with peach juice.

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