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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast and Prevent Recurrence

There are many factors which determine a person’s susceptibility to cold sores. Some people are chronic sufferers. In such situations the virus causing cold sores or herpes simplex virus (type 1), as it is known, manifests itself on the surface of the skin. It replicates on the skin and creates an ugly scene on a person’s face in the case of infections on the lips. After ‘cure’ it becomes dormant under the skin and appears to have disappeared forever only to reappear at some other time in the form of blisters. Such recurrences of are often contributed to by high levels of stress and lack of sufficient rest or sudden changes of lifestyle.

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The immune system is adversely affected by stress. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, the body is able to deal with many virus attacks and ward them off, including the herpes simplex virus-1. However a person who overworks or does not have enough sleep is likely to be infected. Stress from work related problems or family or financial problems are another recipe for infection. People having such issues are prone to a number of stress related sicknesses. Proximity to people suffering from cold sores can trigger infection in people whose immunity levels are low.

Those suffering can get relief through medication. There are a number of prescription medicines such as L-lysine and abreva that are available from the local chemist for treatment. The medicines and balms provide relief as the cold sores go through the period of healing. It is important at this time to ensure that a person has their “regular” intake of vitamin supplements. Natural vitamins are recommended. One should also avoid extreme weather. One should avoid exposure to too much sun light and also very cold weather. In cold weather, one should wear appropriate clothing. Sunscreen creams should be applied on the affected areas on the face when going out in the hot sun.

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