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Buying Your Vending Machines Using A Few Different Methods

Here are a few key tips when looking to buy vending machines. Where am I going to buy my machines? It depends on where you live. I live here in Ontario, Canada. You might live in the states or somewhere in another country. Everyplace is different, but here are a couple of suggestions. Number one is: You can buy them from a distributor. Here in Ontario we have some distributors that sell new vending machines or used vending machines. Some of them sell both. How do you find them? Well, go to your search engine Google. Type in used vending machine and whatever city you live this will show you listings in your community. See what comes up.

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You can go to the telephone directory and try to find them there. Finding the vending distributors is probably a good start, just to go see what they are selling and get an idea of pricing. Take a pen and paper, write down prices, and just say, “Hey, honestly. I want to know how much these vending machines are, and I am looking to getting into the business. I am doing my research right now, and trying to find the best company to buy my machines from.” Ask these questions when you are there.

Number two is: You can go on eBay or a buy and sell website, and see what is available in your area, just type in “vending machines” in the search bar of eBay and see what is coming up there, or a certain type of machine that you want to buy. Say a pop machine or a certain brand. Go to eBay and see what is there, because you will see what people are selling, what kind of price range they are asking, they give you descriptions and everything. Then you can gauge pricing differences. If somebody is in the states near you or in the same area and you see what types of machines people are selling. You can get an idea of some of the pricing there.

That is one way. eBay and the buy and sell in your local community is great because you can find other operators and people that maybe are getting out of the business or just have extra machines that they want to sell and get rid of. That is a great way to pick up a good deal on a machine right there too.

The newspaper, there is another one. Look at your local newspaper and look in the back in the classified section. People are always trying to sell stuff there. Take a look in the business area. Some other categories in the newspaper would be: items for sale or business items for sale.

Another one that we can certainly look at here is – This is a great one, other vending operators. What is stopping you from going to another vending operator in your community and saying, “Hey can I buy a machine from you?” You have to figure this, some operators work out of their homes. Some have their own shops, the bigger companies, but they all have machines that are either on location or companies that are sometimes closing down and that and they want to sell them instead of bringing them back into storage. Some operators might have a bank of machines. You wont’ know until you call them.

You might hit somebody at the right time that you just call up and say, “Do you have any pop machines for sale? I want to buy something used that is in good condition. I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” You basically say to them, “Can you sell me a machine?” Vending operators will probably sell you a machine. That is a great way to do it right there too. You can find these vending operator’s at the places where they go to buy their wholesale products, like the chips, chocolate bars, and pop.

This place is called a cash and carry. When I go into that place, they have a classified board there where you can look and get information from there. People will have postings; they will have pop machines for sale, or “Wanted – Snack Machine.” They will put up a sheet of paper and they put a phone number up there. You can also look there, that is a great place to start for finding a vending machine in your area.

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